OverDrive is the digital library system that the D-E Library uses to provide you with eBooks for independent reading. Books checked out through OverDrive for independent reading can be read using the OverDrive iOS and Android app, the Kindle app, or a web browser (e.g. Chrome or Safari) using the OverDrive Read feature. Please see any of the librarians for assistance.

Also, some Middle School English and Social Studies classes use OverDrive Read for required class novels. More details on that are listed below.

OverDrive Read

OverDrive Read is a service that you can access through most web browsers (including Safari on the iPad) to read and annotate a book accessed through the OverDrive Digital Library system.

You will be able to use OverDrive read to highlight (in three colors), add text notes, and look up word definitions. Directions on how to do that are at "How to use the dictionary, highlight text, and add notes in an OverDrive Read eBook".

To read a book through OverDrive Read:

    1. Go the the D-E library page at d-e.org/library (or go to Academics > Imperatore Library from the home page).
    2. Select Download eBooks (under Looking for Answers).
    3. Sign in to the D-E Digital Library/OverDrive site using your My DE username and password. (NO @d-e.org in the username.)
    4. Go to Account to access previously checked out books.
      1. For English and Social Studies required books, go to Account to see if the book has already been checked out for you.
      2. If you need to check out a book, search then use the blue Borrow button. Go to Checkouts (under Account).
    5. After you have found your book, select the blue Read button to access the book using OverDrive Read in Safari. (Do not use the yellow download button if you are doing this for an MS English or Social Studies class.)

How to use OverDrive Read without an Internet connection

A link to the best directions for saving the book to an iPad for reading without an Internet connection is available in the Offline Access section from the menu. Follow the link to the section "On iOS devices, how to add the eBook to your home screen". ( <- You can also click on the link before this sentence.) Remember that to download the entire book you need to go back into the Offline Access menu after opening the book from your home screen (not Safari).

How to export highlights and notes

All of your notes and highlights are saved under the "account" page on the digital library site for books you currently checked out and books that have expired.

To access and export your notes:

    1. Login to the Download eBooks section of the DE library page (d-e.org/library) using your My DE username (no @d-e.org) and password.
    2. Go to account:
    1. Then select "History & notes" and a reading history will be displayed. If you read a title in OverDrive Read, there will be a link for “Notes & highlights”:
    1. After you click that link, you’ll see a list of all the notes and highlights that were made for that title:
    1. There will also be Print and Export options at the top of the screen. If you select “Export” you’ll see options like Google Drive, PDF, etc.
    1. Clicking one of these options will export the notes and highlights in the desired format.
      • The Google Drive option saves a PDF copy of the notes to Google Drive as opposed to an editable Google Doc. The "Copy to Clipboard option" is not available on the iPad, but CSV will display text that you can easily copy. Therefore, if you'd like to include your notes in an editable Google Doc, use CSV then copy and paste into a Google Doc.

Your notes and highlights history remains even after checkouts expire. Please note, however, that the character limit for highlighted text is 100. Notes will display up to 1,000 characters.