Back to School Night Video Preparation

MS & US Back To School Night (BTSN) - Sept/Oct 2021

Step 1: How To Create A Recording Using Zoom

Video Tutorial (3 min) shows how to record using Zoom.

Using Zoom to record is not required. It's just one easy way to do this and has been tested. Loom is another option for recording your video. (We seem to like things that rhyme.)

Summary of Steps for Zoom Recording
Uncheck mirror if using optional backgrounds

Optional: While not required, there are Zoom video backgrounds designed for Back To School Night.

They are here in case you want to use one for your Zoom recording: BTSN Zoom Backgrounds. You should uncheck mirror image when your are setting the video background in zoom. (See image above.)

Step 2: How To Publish Video Recording for Parents

Step by step directions with images and narration (Estimated time to complete this is 5 minutes per course video.)

This shows you how to post your video recording in My DE on the Bulletin Board for each class by using the Videos option. Please put it at the top of your Bulletin Board and name it Back To School Night as shown in the directions.

Recording not from Zoom:

If you did not record using Zoom, you can upload most video formats to the Videos tool as long as you know where you saved your video file on your computer. The directions assume it's in the Zoom folder and demonstrate finding it there, but you can upload from any folder. A file size error may prevent upload if the file is larger than 1 GB. To get around that either export the file in lower resolution or upload it to YouTube as Unlisted then post a link to it as an Announcement on your class Bulletin Board.

Don't post a link to a Google Drive video:

While it might look like it works fine when you try it from our account, others who are not logged into a D-E Google account (parents, for example) may not be able to load the video even if you set the video security to public. This is a know issue with hosting video files on Google Drive so please do not do that.

(Optional) Step 3: Replace broken preview image of video with nice BTSN icon

(The BTSN Custom image will be updated for 2021 soon.)

You may have noticed that the image that shows above the video album title is ugly and shows a broken image icon after you posted your Back To School Night (BTSN) video on the Bulletin Board for your class. To fix this, you can choose/upload a custom image created by the Communications department especially for BTSN 2020.

Broken thumbnail image