Swank Video Streaming Service

Good news for teachers wanting to play instructional videos in class: the library has now provided access to a new video streaming service, featuring 200+ movies and documentaries to serve middle- and high-school courses. This service is meant to replace teachers using DVDs in classrooms and unlike using a personal Netflix, iTunes, or Amazon account, is a perfectly legal classroom streaming solution.

Projecting Swank from your Mac

Currently Swank does not support wireless projection to Apple TV. If your classroom is missing the cable and adapter required for a wired connection, please contact help@d-e.org.

Accessing Films:


To access this new service, look for the link to "SWANK STREAMING VIDEO" on the library home page (under "Main Links!" on the right) or click here for direct access.


As the teacher, you can view videos at school or home by searching for the title in Swank and clicking “watch.” You can also share a link to your students for their at-home viewing. To do so, click on “Copy Direct Link” as shown below.

The movies work through AppleTV projectors in our classrooms and can be screen-shared over Zoom. Please note that this service is intended for instructional, not entertainment, purposes; the content must be tied to your course's curriculum in some way. (If you advise a club and want to stream a video, please be sure that doing so serves a purpose specific to your club's mission beyond entertainment.)

Requesting Titles:


If you don't see the title you are looking for in the existing streaming collection, we do have the ability to add titles by request. On the Swank main page, “Licensed Content” will show you all the films you may access that are already in our collection. Just below the Licensed group, “Swank Catalog” will show you all the possible films to stream, including those that are available for you to request. To request an item, click the request button and fill in the details about your planned curricular use of the film. (see screenshots below) Please know, however, that we are limited to a certain number of add-ons per year, so approval of requests will take curricular connections into consideration; please be specific when describing your intended use of the requested film.

For questions about this service, contact Steve Petkus (petkus@d-e.org) in the library.

If the video is not sharing on Zoom (likely if not using a Mac), follow these instructions to change your settings to allow sharing: Instructions to allow screen sharing of Swank via Zoom