DiLL digital language lab software

D-E Upper School Language teachers have used the DiLL (Digital Language Lab) software since 2019.

Below are directions for installing the software students need to use DiLL in class. Notes related to the administration of DiLL are at DiLL administration.

System Requirements

Any Mac computer running macOS 10.8 - 10.14.

DiLL does not run on Windows. If you use a Windows computer at school, talk to your language teacher for accommodations.

How to install DiLL student software

Option 1:

Students with a Mac purchased through D-E, can run the Self Service app then click on the install button for the "DiLL Student" app. (Teachers should pick the DiLL teacher tools icon instead.)

Option 2:

If a student has a Mac that is NOT from Dwight-Englewood that student can go to the webpage https://d-e.dillconnect.com/downloads, log in using a My DE username and password, download the "DiLL Client", and run what's downloaded to install. (Teachers should also install the Lab Controller and Catalog Manager teacher tools.) This works from off-campus or on-campus.

If you receive an error that the installer can't be opened because "Apple cannot check for malicious software", you will need to locate the installer in your Downloads folder using Finder, then right-click on the file and select Open from the menu.

When using option 2, a teacher's account needs to be explicitly set to Instructor (see DiLL administration) in order to see the Lab Controller and Catalog Manager teacher tools in the download list.