Managing Access At Home

Everything on this page is experimental. We are testing these tools out, and they might not work the way you expect. Please be patient.

Using Apple Family Share in combination with Screentime - Parents can control what apps and tools are available on their child's iPad.

Parents should talk with their children about what a reasonable amount of screen time is outside of school. Set limits on both time and on available apps that students agree to. Make sure students understand the rationale behind restrictions. Make time each week to use the Screentime tool to review the time spent on different activities.

While Screentime will allow you to control many of the apps on your child's iPad, it can't control websites s/he can access in non-managed apps such as Chrome. So, you could theoretically remove the YouTube app, but your child would still be able to access the YouTube site through the Chrome browser. To lock your child out from Chrome, you can use the Jamf Parent app by following these instructions:

To get setup, do the following:

  • Download the app <> to your own iPhone, and follow the setup instructions.

  • On your child's iPad open the self-service app and click on the Parent icon in the upper right-hand corner. This will generate the QR code that you need to scan to link his device to the app on your iPhone.

  • Tap on your child's name to open the management settings on his device

  • Tap Device Rules and Create a Device Rule

  • A list will appear of all the apps on Phillip's device. Click Select All. Then DESELECT Chrome. This will allow all apps to launch EXCEPT Chrome.

  • Click next.

  • Do not add any websites. Click next.

  • Select the days and times when you want to restrict access to Chrome and click Next.

  • Give your rule a name and click Save.