Audacity to Record and Submit Assignments

In some classes (AP Language Classes in particular), you might be asked to use a program called Audacity to record and save an audio file as part of an assignment or a test.

Audacity is a free piece of software that can record and mix audio. It can export the recorded audio as an mp3 file.

First... Install Audacity.

This is a two-step process. You need to install the program. Then you need to install a special plugin (called LAME Encoder) so that you can save your file in mp3 format.

Download the Audacity Program for the type of computer that you have.

Double Click the Installer file and follow the instructions to install the program.

Download and install the LAME encoder for the type of computer you have

Double click the installation file to install. You can accept all of the defaults.

Open Audacity. Click the red circle icon to record.

When you are finished recording, click the tan square icon to stop.

To export your file to mp3, select "Export Audio" from the file menu.

Select the folder where you want to save your final file. (Remember where you save it!)

Select mp3 as the file type.

Give your file a name according to your teacher's instructions.

You can keep all the other default settings.

Click Save.

The next screen will ask you to add any relevant information about the recording. You can leave all of this blank.

Click Ok.

After your file is created, be sure it recorded and exported properly by double clicking on it.

If everything sounds good, upload it to your teacher according to his or her instructions.