Mac virus and malware removal

  1. Go to and download Malwarebytes for Mac. (The free version if fine for a one-time scan.)
  2. Open the downloaded file: Malwarebytes-Mac-version.pkg
  3. In the Window that pops up, step through the Malwarebytes Installer.
  4. Go to Launchpad (the Space Ship in your Dock), and find Malwarebytes. Click it to open.
    1. If you are asked for your password in a window with an Install Software button, use the password you use to sign in to your Mac. (This is usually the same as your MyDE password if you purchased your Mac through D-E.)
    2. If you are prompted to install updates, click Yes.
    3. Click Scan to check your computer for malware/viruses.
    4. If anything is found, allow the program to remove them. You may be asked to restart your Mac.