Host website with Google Drive

With Drive, you can make web resources — like HTML, CSS, and Javascript files — viewable as a website.

To host a website with Drive:

  1. Open Drive at and select a folder.
  2. Click the Share button at the top of the page.
  3. Click Advanced in the bottom right corner of the sharing box.
  4. Click Change....
  5. Choose On - Public on the web and click Save.
  6. Before closing the sharing box, copy the folder ID from the URL in the field below "Link to share". The folder ID is a string of uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers in the URL between ?id= and &usp=sharing
      • e.g.
  7. The address for accessing your website is "[doc id]" where [doc id] is replaced by the folder ID you copied in step 6.
  8. Anyone can now view your webpage.


    • You may want to use a URL shortener such as,, or before sharing the address.
    • If you put an index.html file in the Google Drive folder, it will automatically be loaded. Otherwise, a list of files in the folder will be displayed.
    • When you address pages or images in your site form other pages (such as the index.html), use relative addressing with no domain.
      • e.g. <a href=hello.html>Hello</a> world!

Most of the above taken directly from Drive Help.