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Whipple Hill for teachers (old directions)

Whipple Hill is the company who hosts Dwight-Englewood's My DE website and publishes the software used to manage the site's content.  Due to lack of a an official nickname for D-E's website when it first launched, people have ended up calling it "Whipple Hill".  This page is a holding place for answers to questions by teachers about using My DE a.k.a. Whipple Hill

-- Information about the old My DE (Podium) website --

Note that the directions below were written for accessing information on the old website in use prior to August 15, 2013.  For the new My DE site you do most of what is listed below the same way with some change to how you find the task to begin with.  These directions will eventually be updated and moved to the help page for the current My DE system.

How do I access a learning profile?

(from Ms. Raser)

  1. Log into the DE website
  2. Go to My DE to access the Employee Portal.
  3. Click on one of your classes. The class roster will appear at the top.
    • Your classes are available under Class Schedule or My Groups.
  4. Scroll down until you see Reports (left side)
  6. A PDF with all of the students with a Learning Profile will appear in one document. You will need to open this document for each of your classes. Make sure that you read through the entire document since there are multiple students in a document.

For a explanation of what the various learning profile sections mean, please see Erika Raser or another member of the Student Support Services team.

How do I print a class roster for my sub folder?

  1. Log into the DE website
  2. Click on Reports.
  3. Change the Category to Attendance -- Section Analysis.
  4. Click run for the report Manual Attendance Sheet - By Teacher And Section
  5. For School Level, select your division: Upper, Middle, or Lower.  
  6. For Term, select the appropriate semester. 
  7. For Teacher, select your name. 
  8. For Section, select All or just the section you wish to print.
  9. Click on View/Print PDF.
  10. Click on the Printer icon immediately above the report content to generate a paper copy.

Please understand the importance of the ‘manual attendance sheet - by teacher.’ This form contains all the information needed for the substitute to take attendance in your class. It also does NOT include personal and confidential information like parents' names and addresses. With this form, the attendance officer can easily identify your class and record attendance. As you know this is crucial, especially during first period.

How do I print grades, comments, and checklists?

(from Mr. Armitage)

To print grades or comments:

There is an active link at the bottom left corner of the screen where you enter grades for your students: "Grades - by Section"  Clicking on that link will open a screen that will allow you to print a number of combinations of comments and/or grades from any of this year's grading periods.  The entire class is printed on one page.  If you want to look at one student at a time, the "pdf" icon to the left of the student name will create a pdf version for just that student.

To print checklists:

There is a CLASS 'pdf.' link near the top of the page (just above the class list) which will produce the entire class with the checklists.  Again, individual pages can be produced from the pdf. links next to each student's name.

To print advisee comments for editing:

Go to your Advisory Group page and scroll to the end of the left column below the roster.  At the bottom of the REPORTS window is a link for the report cards.  Click on that link and a new window will open with links for both the Interim Academic Report Card and the Interim PE Report Card.  When you click on either of those links, a pdf file that contains all of your advisee's reportcards will open in a new window.  This file can be saved to your computer or printed directly from the screen.

The two typical problems that occur are that sometimes the report takes a while to generate, and it can appear to not be working, or your browser is set to not allow pop-ups from opening.  If you have any problems, make sure that you are taking those two things into consideration.  If it still does not seem to be working, please let Jack Armitage know as soon as possible.


How do I add an assignment from the Employee Portal?

See the Google Doc here.

Tips for advisors on viewing report cards

  • Whipple Hill will create a window when you click on the link for the report cards.  If you have a second window already open (you would see more than one 'internet' tab at the BOTTOM of your screen if you do), then Whipple Hill might 'use' that window and over-write the web location.  This means that you could have the report you wanted but not realize it!
  • Make sure you do not have a pop-up blocker on your browser that would prevent the window from 'popping up' on your screen.
  • It can take a while after clicking on the the link to begin the process of creating the 'pdf' file (the actual report cards) before the 'blank' window actually has content.  The duration can be longer than you would expect under "normal" conditions -- and much longer during times of heavy activity such as during an Advisory/Homebase period when the entire MS and US might all be doing this at the same time. That will slow down the process even more.

  • In preparation for discussing report cards when many others may be doing the same thing, consider viewing your advisees report cards in advance and saving a temporary copy to your computer.  This can be easily done through the regular file menu; in other words, run the process and save a copy like you would save any other file.  Since this is confidential information and getting a new copy from WH can be done at any time, you should only keep the copy you make for as long as you need it and delete it after you have talked to your advisees.