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Update OneDrive

If you received your computer BEFORE August 2016 School year and you have been using Microsoft OneDrive to backup your work, you may have received an email from Microsoft indicating that you are out of space in your OneDrive account and your work would no longer be backed up.

This is because Microsoft  reduced the amount of storage space available on PERSONAL OneDrive accounts.

In response to this, the Computer Services Department has begun making school / business oneDrive accounts available to everyone at DE. Computers deployed in the fall of 2016 are already connected to the larger School / Business accounts. If you received your computer after August 2016, you already have OneDrive business and don't need to do anything.

Others may need to disconnect OneDrive from their personal account and re-connect it to their school account. Please follow the instructions below to do this.

Windows Users: 

Please bring your computer to the Taub Center for help with the somewhat complicated data moves required to switch to OneDrive Business on Windows.

Mac Users:

If you don't have the oneDrive software on your computer, download and install it from the Mac App Store:
If you are currently using oneDrive, click on the cloud icon in your taskbar and select preferences.
From the preferences window click Account and select "Unlink this Mac." Then confirm that you want to unlink.


Once you have unlinked your computer, you will be prompted to login to oneDrive. If you are installing oneDrive for the first time, you will need to launch the setup program you downloaded from the app store.

Sign in with your school email address.

Select "Work or School" as the type of account

Login to Office 365

oneDrive will create a special folder on your computer that it will sync with your online account. Tell oneDrive where to create that folder. We suggest placing it inside of the Documents folder.

On the next screen, tell oneDrive that you want to synchronize ALL FILES AND FOLDERS. 

Finally, you should tell oneDrive that you want it to launch every time you start the computer.

If everything is working properly, you should see the oneDrive icon in your task bar at the top of your screen. It looks like a cloud.

You should check to make sure this icon is there every once and a while and that there is no indication that it has stopped working or encountered a problem.

Once oneDrive is installed and working, you can copy the documents from your old oneDrive folder into the new one you just made.  Your old folder is called "OneDrive", your new folder is "OneDrive - Dwight-Englewood School"

You should delete the old oneDrive folder to avoid any confusion.