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Subtext on iPad

As of summer 2015, Subtext has been replaced by AR 360. More info at AR 360.

Subtext is an iPad reading app that facilitates discussion and close reading of a text.

Subtext supports this collaborative reading of books from the following sources:

  • purchased through the Google Play store;
  • checked out of the D-E library, Bergen County Cooperative Library System (BCCLS), and the New York Public Library;
  • PDF files and web pages shared through a Subtext group

How to purchase a book from the Google Play Store

There is more than one way to get a book from the Google Play store to use in Subtext, but these three steps are the most reliable way when using an iPad:

I. Add a credit or debit card to your Google account.

You can skip this and go to step II if you have a Google Play gift card or credit.

  1. On a computer or using Safari on your iPad, go to and login to your DE Google account (ending in using your DE network password.
  2. On the left, choose "Payment methods" and then press the red "Add a payment method" button.
  3. Follow the directions to add a valid payment method. 

II. Purchase the book from

  1. On a computer or using Safari on your iPad, visit
  2. If you have a gift code, choose the "Redeem" option (on the left) and enter your gift card code.  Otherwise, your purchase will be made using the payment information you you entered in step I above.
  3. Select Books (in blue ) on the left.
  4. Search for the book you wish to buy using the Search box at the top of the screen and select it.
  5. Use the blue Buy button to purchase the book.
  6. That book will now be owed by your D-E Google account for use on any device.

III. Download the book in Subtext 

After you purchase the book following the steps above, it will show on your My Library screen in Subtext on your iPad. Make sure you are logged into Subtext using your DE account.  This needs to be the same account you used when you purchased the book in step II above.

If you get an error the first time you try to download the book, logout of Subtext then log back in again.  You can log out of Subtext by tapping your name in the bottom-left corner of the Subtext screen.