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Shortel telephones

This page contains links and information on the new Shortel phone system installed at D-E in August 2013.

Voice Mail

How to check your voice mail from off-campus

To check your voice mail from off-campus via phone:

  • Call 201-569-9500
  • Press #
  • Enter you four-digit voice mail box or extension number 
  • Enter your password followed by # 

Quick Reference Guide

A two-page reference guide on using the voice mail system is available via this link.

Voice Mail to Email Notification

You can use the ShoreTel Communicator software (see below to install) to configure the system to send you an email notification when you receive a voice mail message.  To enable or disable, run Communicator, go to Option, choose Voice Mail and set your desired Notification delivery options and an email address, if necessary.

Telephone Operation

ShoreTel Communicator software 

You may optionally install ShoreTel Communicator software on a Windows or Mac OSX computer. The communicator allows to view a history of incoming and outgoing calls, manage your voicemail box from your computer, place calls using the directory (and a phone) and configure some options for your phone.  Directions for installing Communicator are in the Communicator Software Install Instructions document at this link.  Note that Communicator only works while on-campus.

Using the phone videos

ShoreTel IP Phone Tutorial - Part 1 of 2 (10 minutes):

Topics include:

  • how to plug in phone, handset, and computer to phone
  • basic calling operations including speakerphone and mute 

YouTube Video

ShoreTel IP Phone Tutorial - Part 2 of 2 (10 minutes):

Topics include:

  • hold
  • directory
  • options 
  • transfer 
  • conference call 

YouTube Video

More information

More information and guides on the new phone system is available in the Google Drive folder called New Phone System Help at this link.