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Printing from iPad

Available Printers

ADS_BW_XEROX -- This will let you print in black & white to any of the big Xerox printers on campus.  This includes the Xerox printers in the Library, Umpleby 1st & 3rd floors, Leggett, Klein, Hajjar, and the Lower School 1st & 2nd floors.
ADS_CLR_XEROX -- This will let you print in color to the Library and Lower School 1st floor Xerox printers on campus. You can also release your print job on the other Xerox printers, but it will come out in black & white because the printer is a black & white printer.
Swartley HPCL5500 -- This will print to the large color laser printer in Swartley 2nd Floor Faculty Office.
Taub Center -- This will print to the black & white laser printer in the Taub Center.


When you print to ADS_BW_XEROX or ADS_CLR_XEROX, it will prompt you for a username and password.  Use your MyDE username & password.  It will only prompt you for your password the first time you print (or when you change your password.

Getting your Print Job

If you printed to the Taub Center printer or to the Swartley printer, your print job will be sitting on the printer tray waiting for you to pick it up.  If you printed to ADS_BW_XEROX or ADS_CLR_XEROX, you will need to go to the printer and release your documents from the print server.
  1. Swipe your Dwight-Englewood ID card, or hit the Alternate Login/Keyboard Access button and type in your printer PIN number.
  2. Hit the button Release Documents on the screen.  (On some printers, hit Custom Services, then hit Release Documents.)
  3. Select your print job and then hit print.


If your print job didn't come out (or you can't find it in your release documents list), check to make sure your print job went through on your iPad.  Hit the Home Button twice, and swipe to the left past the Home screen to get to the iPad Print Center (on iOS 9, the Print Center will be just to the right of the Home screen.).  The Print Center lets you see the status of your print job on your iPad.  If it still shows as printing here, your iPad is still processing the print job and hasn't finished sending it to the printer yet.  Wait a minute or two and it should finish.  If you can't see the Print Center, it means your iPad isn't working on printing anything -- go back to your app and try printing again.

If you wait at least two minutes and the Print Center shows no progress (e.g. Stuck on Printing 1 of 21 in the image above instead of it change to Printing 2, 3 etc), you may need to cancel the print job and reset your wireless connection.  To do that, tap Cancel Printing in the Print Center.  Then reset your wireless connection by doing the following:
  1. Access the Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the iPad. 
  2. Then tap the tape the WiFi icon to disable wireless. 
  3. Count to 10, then tap it again to reenable the wireless connection. 
After canceling the print job and resetting the wireless connection as just described, try printing again.