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Printer Setup

New Xerox Printers

Color Xerox - Get your print in Color from the Library Xerox or the LS 1st Floor Xerox - same as the old ADS_CLR_XEROX
Black&White Xerox - Get your print in Black&White from any Xerox on campus (Library, Umpleby 1st & 3rd Floor, Klein, Leggett, Hajjar STEM, LS 1st & 3rd Floor) - same as the old ADS_BW_XEROX


Student Mac bought through the School or Staff Mac

Log out of your Mac and log back in when you are on campus.  Your Mac will automatically download and install the new printer drivers while logging in.

If this doesn't work, open up Launchpad (the spaceship icon on your Dock), and launch the Self Service app.  On the front page, click install for New Xerox Printers.

Student Mac not bought through the School

Download and install this printer installer: DE Xerox 3.90.0.pkg
If you getting an error about the package being from an unidentified developer, right click on the installer, and click Open.


Student PC bought through the School or Staff PC

For PC users, you will need to install these new printers manually.
  • Hold the Window Key and press the R key to bring up the run window.
  • Type \\BA in the input box and click OK. Note the two backslashes before the B.
  • A window will appear that lists all of the printers on our new print server. Find the Color and B&W Xerox printers and double click them. This should install them.

Student PC not bought through the School

Download and install the Google Cloud Print client:
During the installation, you will be prompted to log in.  Please log in with your MyDE account.


Your iPad should automatically see the printers for campus when you connect to the school's WiFi network.  If you do not see the printers, turn the WiFi on your iPad off, wait 10 seconds, and turn the WiFi back on.

Additional Help

If you are having trouble upgrading the printers on your computer, please stop by the Taub Center or email