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My DE for students

Information about My DE (aka Whipple Hill) of potential interest to students.

How to Subscribe to My DE Schedule on an iPhone or iPad

  1. Login to My DE and select the Calendar tab.
  2. Click on the Web Cal icon -   - near the upper-right corner of the calendar. A box labeled "WebCal Feed for External Calendar" will appear. (Be patient, this can take some time to load.)
  3. Under My Calendars, tap "Individual Filter Feeds" to display the list of calendars
  4. Tap on the LINK (on the right) that says Schedule and Subscribe to that calendar.
  5. After the first day of school, your course schedule will appear in the Apple Calendar (and Informant app if you have it) but will have a long, unfriendly name. Follow the remaining steps to rename that to reduce confusion later. (If you don't do this, it may get confusing if you add other school calendars such as your athletic schedule.
  6. Open Settings app and go to “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”.
  7. Tap Subscribed Calendars then the unfriendly named calendar beginning with d-e.myschoolapp.
  8. Change the description to something useful like My DE schedule then tap Done. 
There are others calendars that you might want to add from the My DE Calendars WebCal Feed page. Follow the same directions above for any of those.