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The iPad app Informant (listed as Pocket Informant in the App Store) is the digital planner used by middle-school students.  The premium version of Informant is encouraged for use as a planner and is available to all D-E Middle School students and teachers. See below for how to upgrade the free version of Informant to the premium version.

Settings to change

The following setting changes are recommended for students using Informant.
  • Under Settings > View Settings > Task View
    • Task Mode = Simple Tasks 
    • Due date = Tomorrow
  • Settings > Sync Accounts:
    • Calendar App = On
    • Reminder App = Off 

Setting to choose after installing Informant

If you have to reinstall Informant, you will be prompted with permission questions the first time you run it. Here are the recommended settings:
  • Calendar App Events/Access to Calendar = OK
  • Reminder App/Access your Reminders = Don't Allow
  • Contacts/Access Your Contacts = OK
  • Location Services/access your location = Don't Allow
  • Alarms and Badges/Send You Notifications = Allow

Show Google Calendars

Any calendar that you have added to your Google Calendar account can be displayed in Informant.

Use the following steps to set Informant to display other Google Calendars if desired:

  1. In Informant, select Settings from the right-hand tool bar.
  2. On the left, choose Sync Accounts.
  3. Under Sync Service, if Google Calendar is not already listed, press Add Sync Service then:
    1. Select Google Calendar.
    2. Confirm Enabled and Automatic are on. 
    3. Leave Account Nickname blank.
    4. Tap Sign In and sign into your D-E Google account using your email address with the You can leave the password blank.
    5. You will be redirected to the D-E login page. Enter your username (WITHOUT and network password. 
    6. Press the blue Accept button to allow Informant to access your Google information.
  4. While still on the Google Calendar setup screen, tap Sync Options to select the calendars to display then:
    1. Tap Calendars to Sync.
    2. Disable or enable display of specific calendars by tapping the name of a calendar.  Notice the check mark to the right of the name.  If a check appears, that calendar will show in Informant.
      • Note that if a desired calendar does not appear in the list, it needs to be added to the Google Calendar using a web browser and the appropriate link below. 
    3. After selecting the desired calendars and unselecting the others, tap Save at the top-right corner of the screen. 
    4. Tap "< Google Calendar" to return to the first Google Calendar setup screen.
  5. After you completed steps 4 and 5 above, press the red Begin Sync button, which may take a while to complete depending on the number of calendars you selected above.

Note that if you are setting up a calendar after the first time and use the Reset Sync button, you may be asked to choose how to handle existing data. If Informant is only being used to view a read-only calendar such as a grade-level planner, chose the "Erase Local Data" option.

Upgrade Informant to Premium

To install and update:

  1. Install Informant from Self-Service or the App Store.  You do not need to open the app. (Skip this step if you already have the free version of Informant installed.)
  2. Look or search for the gray "Upgrade Inf..." icon on your iPad home screen. 
    • Upgrade Inf Icon

  3. Tap the "Upgrade Inf..." icon.
  4. Informant will open and report "Thank you for your purchase."  This indicates your upgrade is complete.  
  5. Delete the "Upgrade Inf..." icon. (Hold your finger down on the icon until it begins to wiggle and then tap the little x that appears.)

Please do not click on the grey Upgrade Inf... icon again after the upgrade is complete. That will unnecessarily use up additional premium upgrade licenses, which we needed to purchase. 

Alternative upgrade method

CS staff can also upgrade Informant by using the link in the Google Doc Informant upgrade link (or and pasting it into Safari.
As above with the iPad icon, don't use a link more than once on an iPad as we use a license each time it is used even if Informant was previously upgraded.


Informant 5 is here web page opens when trying to use app

The solution for this problem is still being determined so the information here it a guess at the solution that has had very limited testing. The problem seems if you choose the "Informant 5" option under from the Informant Settings menu in the app.  After doing that, Informant keeps loading a web page that say Informant 5 is here even after you press done.
A temporary solution is to delete the Informant app, which will delete all of your data including tasks in Informant, then reinstall the app from Self Service.  After that the app will usually work, but DO NOT go into the Settings area of Informant.  That will cause the "Informant 5 is here" loop problem to reoccur, and you will have to go through this fix again.  
A long-term solution from the company that created the software is here, but it is complicated and requires connecting your iPad to a computer.  After solving the problem, DO NOT tap the choice for Informant 5 in settings or the problem will start again.