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Flipgrid for teachers

Flipgrid (owned by Microsoft) is a free service allowing you to create a private virtual meeting place organized around topics. It is used by teachers and students to asynchronously share audio/video messages within a class. It also allows annotation of photos in a video so some find it an easy way to provide voice explanations of something pictured.

Log in to the Flipgrid service


Go to, click on Educator Login, choose the Google Login option, and use your email address and My DE password.
  • If you are a teacher and don't have already have an account, chose the "create one" link then Sign up with Google.


Students do not need to create accounts. They go to (on a computer) or open the Flipgrid app (on an iPad) and enter the Flip Code provided by the teacher. (See Getting Started below to create the Flip Code.)
  • For grades 4 to 12 (or staff joining a like a student): When asked to log in, students choose the Google Login option and use their email address and My DE password.
  • For grades below 4: Students do not log in but instead use a student code provided by the teacher. (Student codes are explained under Getting Started below.)

Getting Started

If you are a teacher looking for directions to create a space (called a grid) for your students to use:
see Getting Started: Educators for directions (and a video) on how to create a grid and share it with students. Note the following:
  • For students in grades 4 to 12, use the student email method for creating a grid (Step 2 of the Getting Started directions linked to above). Under Add School email, list to set up your grid to be accessible by only D-E students and staff.
  • For students below grade 4 (who don't use a login), you can use the Student ID option but that will require additional work on your part to create confidential codes and distribute them to students/parents in order to access your grid. Note that grids set up this way are only protected by these student codes so you might want to enable moderation of student videos.

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