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Back To School Night Schedule Production

To Produce Schedules for Back to School Night (BTSN) or Parent Teacher Conferences (PTC)

  • First Export the schedule data from WH
    • Go to Lists in WH and find the list called Student Schedules w. Block.
    • Edit this list and change the School Year Label to the Current year 
    • Run this list and then export it to Excel - Note that WH does not REALLY create an excell file.
    • In order to convert this file to a true excel format, open it and select Save As. Choose Excel Workbook and give it a new name
  • Next you will have to import the data into an Access Database in order to produce the report
    • Open the access file: M:\data\US\btsn-ptc_Schedules.accdb
    • Open the table called schedule data 
    • If there is old data in this table, we need to clean it out first...
      • click on any field, use ctrl+A to select all records
      • Hit the delete button. You will be warned that you are about to delete a lot of records. (that's okay)
      • When all records are gone, close the table
    • Right click on the table and select "Import."
    • Browse to the excel file that you saved. Be sure to select the one that you created by chosing "save-as" in excel. If you select the one that you exported directly from WH, it won't work. Remember, that wasn't really an excel file.
    • Click the button to "Append a copy of the records to the table:"
    • Be sure to select the tablet "scheduleData"  and click OK
    • If the ScheduleData table is open, you will get an error message asking for permission to close it.
    • The next screen will give you a preview of the data to import. Click Next
    • Click "Finish" on the next (and final) screen
  • Once the data has been imported, you can preview and print the report that you want
    • Double click on either the BTSN Schedules or the Parent Conf Schedules report
    • Under Veiws at the top of the screen, select "Print Preview."
    • Click Print to print the report. They will output in order of grade (10,11,12,9) and then by student last name.