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AVG switch to AVAST

Uninstall AVG


First, navigate to the control panel (go to the “start/home button,” then click on “Control Panel” on the right side).


From the control panel search for the word "Uninstall", choose "Uninstall Program"

Click on AVG (either 2009, 2011 or 2013) and choose “uninstall” from the list of choices at the top of the screen.


  • If prompted to keep AVG LinkScanner, do not keep it.
  • When prompted, check both boxes to remove user settings and virus vault contents.
  • Let the uninstall wizard continue from there.
  • Once uninstalled, you might be redirected to a web page with an uninstall survey from AVG. No need to fill that out – just close your browser window.
  • You may also asked to reboot the computer. You can skip that step and reboot later.





Click Here>>>> AVAST

(It is 191MB in size -- it will take a few minutes. Please be patient.)



It will ask you to save file to a location, so please be mindful of where you save it for later access.


If you are using Chrome browser to download, upon its completion you will see a message "download could be dangerous."

Please click arrow to "keep" file, then double-click to run.

Please also disregard any further messages about its being harmful or dangerous -- just click to get past them all.




It is a silent install; however, you will see this progress bar to let you know it's working.


After the above icon disappears, give it about 5 minutes.  Once it's completed, you will have an orange icon in the system tray near the clock. You will also hear an announcement welcoming you to "AVAST"


and a similar icon

will be on the desktop.