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AR 360

AR 360 (Accelerated Reader 360) is an iPad reading app that facilitates discussion and close reading of a text. Prior to summer 2015, it was called Subtext.

Service Status

To find out if there are any know problems with the AR 360 service, check here: AR 360 service status

AR 360 supports this collaborative reading of books from the following sources:
  • purchased through the Google Play store;
  • checked out of the D-E library, Bergen County Cooperative Library System (BCCLS), and the New York Public Library;
  • PDF files and web pages shared through a Subtext group
  • most ePub format books (including those with DRM) from eBook vendors such as and
In the fall of 2015 and after, all Middle School students receive the required Renaissance Place account necessary to log in to the AR 360 iPad app. For questions about this, contact the Computer Services Help Desk at or 201-227-3177.

D-E AR 360 account information:
Your username is your My DE username and your password is probably the same as your Apple ID password. (Your teacher can look this up for you.)

How to Login to AR 360 on an iPad

  • If your AR 360 account is locked due to entering the password incorrectly more than 9 times, you English teacher can unlock it and look up your password.
  1. If asked for an RPID, use DES-42JP to find and select Dwight Englewood School.
  2. Log in using your AR 360 (aka Renaissance Place) account.
    • AR 360 User Name: DE username (without
    • AR 360 Password: your Apple ID password (for most students). A teacher can look up your password using the directions below.
  3. After logging in you may need to choose "Read articles and complete assignments" to get your "My Library".

How to Checkout an Overdrive eBook from the D-E library

For the 2016-17 school year, eBooks to be read in AR 360 for MS English (and seventh social studies) courses are downloaded from the D-E Library's OverDrive system.

In AR 360 My Library, use Tap to Add Books & Articles
  1. Browse Libraries
  2. Tap Find a library
  3. Search for zip code 07631 and tap Website button for Dwight-Englewood School.
  4. Select remember login information and sign in using D-E username (no and My DE password. 
  5. For English and Social Studies required books, go to Account to see if the book has already been checked out for you.
  6. If you need to check out a book, search then use the blue Borrow button. Go to Checkouts (under account).
  7. In Checkouts, download the EPUB format. Book will be added to AR 360.
  8. Tap Close (upper-right corner) and go back to My Library.
  9. You may need to swipe down to refresh My Library to see the new book.
If you receive an authorization error, note the following:
  • If you have never downloaded this book before, you probably need to connect and Adobe ID account to AR 360 then try the download again. Directions for how to do that are below.
  • If you have previously downloaded the book to a different iPad, you still need to connect and Adobe ID. However, you also need to return the book on the other iPad before you can download it again. If the previously used iPad is unavailable, a D-E librarian or Mr. Campbell can remotely return the book for you.

How to Connect an Adobe ID to AR 360

Publishers require most eBooks that are sold to be tied to a digital key. Your Adobe ID is this key so you need to add your Adobe ID to AR 360.

If you have previously used AR 360 at D-E for purchased eBooks (even in a previous year) then you already have an Adobe ID account with the following information:
  • Adobe ID email: DE email address (e.g.
  • Adobe ID password: your Apple ID password
If you don't already have an Adobe ID connected to your email address, you can create one at
Once you have an Adobe ID and know the password:
  1. In AR360, tap Settings on My Library screen.
  2. If no Adobe ID is currently authorized, tap Add Adobe ID.
    • You do not need to do this again if you already have an Adobe ID authorized in AR 360.
  3. Enter your Adobe ID information then press Login.
If a student has difficulty logging in to an Adobe ID account using the Apple ID password, the student may have an Adobe ID account using the same email address with a different password. The student can change the Adobe ID password from the Add Adobe ID screen by tapping on "Get Adobe ID" in the lower-right corner, then tapping on "Forgot password" on the screen that opens. Directions on changing the password will be emailed to the address entered.

See the image below for the location of Settings in AR 360:

How to Return an OverDrive eBook in AR 360 

  1. In AR 360 My Library, tap on the book to return.
  2. On the About screen, scroll all the way to the bottom to the Manage Books section and tap the Return button. (See image below.)

How to open a book from in AR 360
As of 2016, is no longer used to supply English eBooks so these directions are here only for students who want to open up a book from the 2015-16 school year.
See How to open books in AR 360 for more detailed instructions for students.
  1. On your iPad in Safari (not Chrome or the ClassBook backpack browser), sign in to We suggest you use your email address as your username.
  2. Redeem a voucher code or purchase a book to add it to your account.
  3. For a book already in "My account", tap the download link to get the download instructions screen.
  4. On the download instructions screen, skip step one and do not install a reader app.
  5. Under step two, tap the Download to Bluefire Reader link UNDER the green download by ebook button. Do NOT use the green button.
  6. Open in... AR 360.
  7. If prompted "No Adobe ID registered", you will need to sign in with your Adobe ID. 
Once you have registered an Adobe ID in AR 360, books will open with less fuss.

Information for Teachers

Change Password

If you are a teacher, you can change your own password:
  1. Login in at the Hosted Site URL above using your teacher account after choosing I am a teacher/administrator.
  2. Click Users
  3. Click Login Settings under User Profile
  4. Enter the username and current password for the account you logged in with in step 1 and click Sign In.
  5. Under Change password upon login, enter your new password. (If Change password upon login is blue, click it first.)
  6. You can also change your email address or security questions. (Security questions are optional).
  7. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page. 

Unlock Student Accounts

All student and teacher accounts are automatically unlocked at midnight each day.

If a student enters an incorrect password too many times while logging into AR 360 that student's AR 360 account will be locked. Any teacher can unlock a student account by logging in with a Renaissance Place/AR 360 teacher account at Hosted Site URL using a computer.

After logging in, click on the blue "Users" box, click "Clear Locked Students", then click Search (to search for all locked students). It may take up to two minutes for a student with a locked account to show up in the list.

Look up Student Password

Any teacher can also look up the AR 360 password from the Hosted Site URL by choosing Users, View Students, searching for the student then clicking the Passwords tab.

Add/Remove Student to/from Class

  1. Use a web browser to log in to Renaissance Place at the Hosted Site URL.
  2. Go to Users > View Students.
  3. Search and find the student to change.
  4. Click on student's name.
  5. Under Class Enrollment tab
    1. To add to a class, click Course in the Course Catalog area then click a Class (aka section).
    2. To remove from a class, click Unenroll next to class to remove. Do not remove from "Students" course.

Help for Creating Assignments


Error "E_AUTH_BAD_DEVICE_KEY_OR_PKCS12" when downloading book

There have been multiple reports of students trying to get a book into AR 360 by using  Open In and receiving the error "E_AUTH_BAD_DEVICE_KEY_OR_PKCS12".  Try the following to fix that:
  1. Delete the AR 360 app from your iPad.
  2. Reinstall AR 360 from Self Service (preferred) or the App Store (if Self Service doesn't work).
  3. Sign back into AR 360 using your D-E username and Renaissance Place password, which is usually the same as your Apple ID password. 
  4. Use Safari and try to download the book again
You may also need to add your Adobe ID to AR 360 again.  You can do that under Settings in AR 360. Your Adobe ID login is usually your DE email address (e.g.  The password probably matches your Apple ID password.

Books hangs while downloading after Open In

If I book is stuck on the downloading screen in AR 360 with no progress change for more than two minutes, close the AR 360 app, then try the Open in again. You close the app by double-clicking on the iPad home button then swiping it away.

Unable to open Google book in web version

While many features of AR 360 can be done on a computer using a web browser, as of early July 2015, there is an issue (know by Renaissance support and currently under investigation) where books purchased previously through Google Play do not open. The error is 'Sorry, there was an error retrieving your book.". This is only a problem with the computer/web browser version of AR 360. Books open fine when using AR 360 on the iPad.

Renaissance Place and AR 360 technical information for CS Staff

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